Our principles on sustainability are guided by integrity. Organic Chemical Corporation is committed to protecting all its resources and incorporating environmentally friendly methods into its practice policies. At OCC a strong sense of community is important to us. Our policy reaches deep into the social welfare of its communities, through the provision of education and financial assistance.

Sustainable production is fundamental to our shared future and is an imperative focus point at our company. At Organic Chemical Corporation we prioritise sustainability actions and investments that makes the greatest positive impact on the community and environment.

Safety – Our Main Priority

At Organic Chemical Corporation, safety is first in everything we do. It is our the first agenda item for all meetings, from maintenance updates and plant operator meetings, to executive meetings in our boardroom. Everything at Organic Chemical Corporation begins with safety.

Safety is vital to our culture and is a shared responsibility. When it comes to injuries and incidents, zero is our goal every day. Each employee is empowered to challenge any conditions or practices that are potentially unsafe without the fear of repercussion.

Our team of safety professionals reports to the company’s Ethics, Environment, Safety and Health Committee of our Board of Directors, and works alongside our other employees every day to lead our journey to zero.

Community Outreach

Organic Chemical Corporation is committed to always acting responsibly while supporting the communities our operations, employees and families call home. We’re committed to building relationships and forming partnerships with our friends and neighbours, and invested in the strength of our neighbourhoods and cities.

OCC has partnered with multiple charitable organisations to provide help for the less fortunate. Whether it be providing fresh water to a community during water shortages, or funding empowering young, previously disadvantaged women in furthering their education at a tertiary level.

Employee Wellbeing

At Organic Chemical Corporation, our values are the bones of our organisation, but it is our people who make us successful each and every day. We are committed to supporting and investing in our employees, and to providing programs and resources that enrich the personal and professional quality of their lives. OCC provides assistance to our staff through fully financed courses in a variety of fields, through third party training associations. We encourage forward thinking in all our staff, and provide financial and professional assistance to those attempting to start a business of their own.

Onsite, we strive to create safe, healthy and highly engaging workplaces and hope that our decisions in this area will extend far beyond our business, positively affecting people and communities for generations to come.

Environmental Stewardship

We remain committed to utilising the Earth’s resources responsibly while minimising our environmental impact. With an eye ever toward the future, we embrace every opportunity to make the world a place future generations will enjoy. This thinking influences every environmental decision we make, whether working to reduce emissions or to modify our production process to provide a less harmful by-product.